About us


MYCI is a team of experienced professionals specializing in IT network products field. We are humbly dedicated to bringing respect and quality to all our clients and fostering mutual confidence. We believe in integrity, and thus doing the right thing when no one is looking is a high priority in our code of ethics.

With over 20 years of experience under our belt, MYCI understands that our business strategy and the customer’s needs should be perfectly aligned and, as a result, we are devoted to helping our customers achieve their goals. Clients can rest assured that we are ready to assist whether it be for general support, product inquiries, high quality assurance, or sales.

With our ‘best practices’ mindset we are committed to a win-win business mentality where both parties walk away satisfied. With this frame of mind our team has been able to successfully work with and export products to several countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, USA, Canada, and South Africa.

Contact us today with your inquiries and let MYCI exceed your expectations.