10 best bitcoin miner software

bitcoin miner software

In this article, we are going to introduce you to ten best bitcoin miners software. Different people have different opinions about bitcoin and its mining. Some think it’s just a temporary issue, while others see it as their business future. Bitcoin miners consider it a profitable business and invest in it.

Bitcoin mining software generates new digital currencies and finally introduces its components to existing blockchains. If the ideal hardware and software is available, it generally takes about 10 minutes to mine a bitcoin. But in other cases it may take up to a month.

Bitcoin mining software is a specialized tool designed to mine digital currency. When Bitcoin Miner performs mining operations, it receives a reward in the form of digital currency.

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Can Bitcoin Miner do the mining operation alone?

People who are familiar with the mining process know that we usually do not need any special software to set up most bitcoin mining devices, and the required programs are available by default on bitcoin miner devices.

In fact, in new bitcoin miners, mining operations can be started easily and with a few simple steps.

So the first question that arises in this regard is what bitcoin mining software is and what its use is. Many people may say that when a bitcoin miner performs mining operations, why do we need these softwares? Therefore, in this section, we want to express what capabilities these softwares have and why they should be used.

 Who uses bitcoin mining software?

But those who use bitcoin mining software include the following.

Sometimes some people, for whatever reason, may not want to use their bitcoin miner software. Some people also have a mining farm and want to carry out mining operations in a completely specialized and professional way.

  Others may want to mine bitcoins without joining the mining pools, or they may want to mine bitcoins using USB or FPGA miners. In addition, it sometimes happens that people tend to do the mining process with a normal computer or using a graphics card rather than an ASIC device.

10 best bitcoin miner software

Now we want to introduce some bitcoin miner software which are best:


This platform was created in 2018. SHAMINING is a London based company that has achieved great success in a short period of time. The company provides high quality and affordable mining services to the bitcoin miner community.

This software is a cloud mining platform that can allow you to mine cryptocurrencies even if you do not have special hardware and skills.

The features that this platform provides include:

– You can easily calculate your income.

– It is very easy to use.

– Has environmentally friendly infrastructure.

– Has technical support on a regular basis.

– Compatible with all computer systems.

– And also with this software you no longer need expensive equipment.

But the disadvantage of this software is that users have to send their personal information during confirmation.

  1. ChickenFast

This bitcoin miner software is one of the simplest cloud mining platforms that was launched in 2015. This platform has an artificial intelligence that can automatically select the best mining algorithm.

Features of this platform include the following:

– You do not need special equipment or special skills.

– It has 24/7 support.

– You can control your farm from any device.

– Pro-environmental and green energy.

The disadvantage of this platform is the short contract time, which is equal to one year.

  1. CGMiner software

CGMiner software is currently one of the most popular bitcoin miner software. This platform has the following features:

– Has capabilities such as overclocking, monitoring and controlling fan speed and supports three methods of mining CPU, GPU and ASIC.

– Ability to mine directly without joining the mining pool.

But this software works with a cmd environment and this is not a bit pleasant for users who are used to working with a graphical user interface.

  1. BFGMiner software

 Another reputable program for bitcoin mining is this platform. This software works like CGMiner software, with the difference that in CGMiner, bitcoin mining can be done with all devices. But this software is only suitable for ASIC and FPGA devices and does not support graphics cards.

BFGMiner does not have a graphical interface like CGMiner, and you must use the command line to launch and start this software. There is also a feature called “MoneyMaker” in this software, which can be started with one button and with the default settings.

  1. MultiMiner software

This bitcoin miner software is built using the BFGMiner mining engine, has a clean graphical user interface, features automatic hardware detection and mining, and cross-platform compatibility that make it the best choice for ease of use.


– Graphic user interface

– Has automatic mining features

– Optimized for Windows computers


– Less customization options for advanced users



  1. Awesome bitcoin Miner software

Awesome Miner is a powerful bitcoin miner software that allows users to manage multiple mining rings and mining pools in one environment. As a result, it is known as the best centralized management software.


– Supports more than 50 extraction engines

– Has a web version


– No Mac OS software

– Not for novice users

  1. BitMinter bitcoin miner software

BitMinter is a bitcoin mining pool that has its own software. So in BitMiner you are on the side of a mining pool instead of a software. This pool is not as valid as large mining pools.


 – User-friendly graphical interface

 – Suitable for mining with CPU and GPU


– Low Credits

– Supports only one mining pool

  1. GUIminer software

GUIminer software is one of the oldest bitcoin miner software that was voluntarily developed in 2011 by a developer interested in bitcoin.

Features of this software include the following:

– This software has a visual and user-friendly interface and can be used simply by entering the details of the mining pool.

– GUIminer allows mining with CPU and GPU but cannot be used for ASIC devices.

  1. Cryptex

This is a platform that helps you to extract bitcoins even when your computer is idle.

Features of this bitcoin mining software are as follows:

– Very convenient setup

– Provide a clean graphical interface

– Start working automatically as soon as the computer is turned on

– Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.


– Lite version cannot be run with only 1 GPU

  1. ECOS

This platform can be considered one of the best cloud mining providers. ECOS has more than 90,000 users.


– Low price to extract about $ 49

– Has a suitable calculator

– Has a mobile application that is also available in the App Store.

– One month free mining after the contract


– Only bitcoin miner

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